Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Udari had made plans to leave Sri Lanka temporarily

The Tele drama actress Udari Charmika Warnakulasuriya has been among the news these days. After winning the most popular Tele drama actress award in the Sumathi Tele awards 2011, the news broke out that she had conceived and is expecting a baby.
The latest news about her was disclosed when she was interviewed by the ‘Sarasaviya’ paper when she had confessed that she is now two months pregnant and hope to go to Singapore in a few months. As her husband is in the medical profession and working in a hospital in Singapore, her confinement is planned to be taken place in a hospital in Singapore. She would return to Sri Lanka when the baby is about three months old. In this contest Udari is going to be missed by her fans for a number of months during the period while she is away from Sri Lanka.


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