Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sanath speaks Singlish not English:

When Sanath spoke Singlish while commentating on the Test series with Sri Lanka and Australia in the ‘ten sports’ TV channel he was caught and heard red handed. This incident we reiterate just for the fun of it.
The incident is this:
When during the Test and One day series between Sri Lanka and Australia, he was in the panel of commentators for the ‘Ten Sports’ telecast worldwide along with reputed English commentators who were his counterparts. At a stage when Sanath wanted to explain the viewers what happens when a spin bowler pitches the ball and it beats the batsmen and hits the wicket along with the dust and soil. He was unable to explain in a flash what really happened in proper English.
He described the happening using a ‘Sinhala’ word ‘PUS’, having forgetting the word soil. What he said was ‘pus’ was coming out from the spot the ball was pitched. This was Sanath’s Singlish.


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